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2009/10 Reports:
U's v Boreham Wood (05/09/09)

Final score: 0-1

Team: K Scriven, B Hawes, A Bray, J Goodliffe, K El-Salahi, M Hann, S Cobbs, A Pouton (K Beaney), S Payne (B Woods-Garness), S Gargan, A Joseph (D Phillips). Subs (not used): S McKimm, B Thomas.

Goals: -

Boreham: T Tucker, K Stephens, D Brathwaite, B Highton, C Ujah, J Reynolds, M Noto, L Allinson, S Sonner (J Richards), S Yao (D Green), G Morgan (C Watters). Subs (not used): R Kirby, R Christian.

Goals: Green (80)

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Margate v U's, FAC 1QR (12/09/09)

Final score: 2-2

The road to Wembley didn't quite get off on the right foot. As the end of the first half approached the U's found themselves two goals down after Margate had capitalised from their set pieces. However, the second goal lit a fire under U's skipper Jason Goodliffe who, after dishing out a dressing down to the at sea U's defence, went on to head in a corner literally on the stroke of half time. The second half saw the Yellows push for an equaliser, but the travelling support had to wait until the last few minutes for Stefan Payne to get behind the defence and fire a low shot past, former U, Paul Nicholls to send the game to a replay.

Team: K Scriven, B Hawes, A Bray, J Goodliffe, K El-Salahi, B Thomas (M Hann), S Cobbs, A Pouton (S McKimm), S Payne, S Gargan, D Phillips (A Joseph). Subs (not used): P Smith, K Beaney.

Goals: Goodliffe, Payne

Margate: Nicholls, Lacey (Lombardo), Robinson, Millington (Smith), Young (Cliffe), Haverson, Keister, Wilson, Healy, Blackman, West. Subs (not used): Taylor, Lewis.

Goals: Cliff, Robinson

Match Photos

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U's v Margate, FAC 1QR Replay (15/09/09)

Final score: 3-2 AET (2-2 FT)

For the third time this season the U's lined up against Margate and for the second time in four days found themselves a goal behind with time running out. Matt Hann had initially put the Yellows ahead as he latched on to Stefan Payne's low driven cross at the far post. However once again, after a goal either side of half time, the U's found themselves chasing an equaliser. With the clock ticking into injury time a long ball forward was seemingly controlled by Danny Phillips with his arm, however neither the ref or linesman spotted the infringement and Sutton forced the match into extra time. Margate immediately gave Sutton an edge for the added time after a player's protests over the equaliser saw him receive a second yellow. In the second half of extra time it was Sonny Cobbs who connected sweetly to send the ball into the bottom corner and the U's into the next round.

Team: K Scriven, B Thomas (B Hawes), A Bray (J Hawes), J Goodliffe, J Roberts, M Hann, S Cobbs, S McKimm (A Joseph), S Payne, S Gargan, D Phillips. Subs (not used): P Smith, A Pouton, K Beaney.

Goals: Hann (20), Phillips (90), Cobbs (113)

Margate: P Nicholls, A Lacy, C Robinson, J Keister, B Lewis (D Lombardo), J Haverson, L Smith (L Wheatley), W Wilson, J Healy, L Blackman, S West (S Cliff). Subs (not used): K Millington, J Taylor, A Krvnic.

Goals: Wilson (41), Healy (53)

Match Photos

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Tonbridge Angels v U's (19/09/09)

Final score: 1-2

Once again the U's put on the late show to cap off a fine come back performance. The Angels took the lead seconds before half time, when Bradley Thomas got the lightest of touches with his head and somehow managed to divert the ball past a helpless Kevin Scriven. Six minutes after the break Sam Gargan burst into the box and sent a low left foot drive into the far bottom corner to cancel out the Angels' lead. Sutton then defended well to ensure that with the clock showing little left to play they still hand a chance to take all three points. With Stefan Payne having been brought down wide on the U's left flank, Billy Dunn stepped up and sent a perfect free-kick into the Angels' box. Through the crowd of players Sonny Cobbs managed to rise and head home to complete the turn around.

Team: K Scriven, B Thomas, B Hawes, A Bray, J Goodliffe, M Hann, S Cobbs, S McKimm (J Hawes), S Gargan (B Dunn), D Phillips, S Cox (S Payne). Subs (not used): A Joseph, K El-Salahi.

Goals: Gargan (51), Cobbs (90)

Tonbridge: Worgan, Hamilton, Heath, Cade, Minshull, Dayes, Ferguson, Storey, Booth, Rook, Watts (Sigere).

Goals: Own Goal (45)

Match Photos

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U's v Dartford (22/09/09)

Final score: 0-3

GGL hosted the league leaders and for the first fifty minutes the U's matched their opponents in every way. The Darts went ahead when former U Rob Haworth headed home and from then on the rub of the green was never really with the home side. Sutton immediately looked like they had equalised only to see Stefan Payne's strike ruled out for a rather dubious offside. Billy Hawes then found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and, seemingly under no pressure, directed a cross into his own net. It was always going to be an uphill struggle from there, and with chances few and far between the U's went further behind. Once again it was the head of Haworth that did the damage and whilst Kevin Scriven tried his best to keep the ball out it was ruled over the line by the referee's assistant.

Team: K Scriven, B Thomas, B Hawes, A Bray, J Goodliffe, M Hann, S Cobbs, S McKimm (B Woods-Garness), S Gargan (B Dunn), D Phillips, S Payne (S Cox). Subs (not used): J Hawes, K El-Salahi.

Goals: -

Dartford: A Young, B Burgess, A Gross, A Flanagan, J Coyle, J White (L Noble), R Hayes (J Beales), J Day, R Haworth (J May), A Tait, E Bradbrook. Subs (not used): T Kessell

Goals: Haworth (56, 75), Own Goal (66)

Match Photos

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U's v Uxbridge, FAC 2QR (26/09/09)

Final score: 3-0

Team: K Scriven, B Hawes, A Bray, J Goodliffe, K El-Salahi, S Cobbs, A Jospeh, D Phillips, S Payne (B Dunn), S Gargan (B Woods-Garness), J Hawes (S McKimm). Subs (not used): B Thomas, P Smith.

Goals: Goodliffe (20), Gargan (56), Joseph (80)

Uxbridge: M Watkins, G Brown, D Sargent, M Howell, M Dennison, T Howe (W Carter), C Robinson (J Smillie), K Warner, R O’Toole (D Warner), D Rimel, D Thomas.

Goals: -

Match Photos

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